SHIP MARINE is a company committed to the needs of its customers, seeking the evolution technology and knowledge, reaching ecelency in the provision of port and maritime services. Cousin also for the valorization of our collaborators, training and investing in the continuous improvement of our services, always aiming at carrying out operations based on the safety of our professionals and preservation of the environment.
It is with this vision in mind that SHI MARINE proposes to objectively meet the operational demand of a market ascending and constantly competitive. Thus, in a responsible and conscious manner, it intends to stand out, reaching the total satisfaction of our client and generating the optimization of resources.

SHIP MARINE seeks to offer a healthy, comfortable and productive workplace for all its employees.

The health risks related to smoking are well documented and publicized. These risks impact both smokers and non-smokers who are exposed to environmental smoke. That is why SHIP MARINE offers a smoke-free workplace for all its employees and visitors.


Ensure clean, healthy and smoke-free air in all work environments and as part of the company's Health and Quality of Life Program.


The “Smoke Free Work Environment Policy” applies to all company employees, service providers, suppliers and visitors.


Smoking or lighting cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, pipes or other substances is not allowed in the company's work environment, including in bathrooms and pantry.

This policy applies to all employees and visitors, without exception, including during meetings or sponsored events in the company.

Any employee who observes violations of the policy must report to the Human Resources sector.

The health dial makes the telephone available - for those interested in obtaining information for smoking cessation.


This policy will go into effect when disclosed to all company employees, and any questions regarding the policy may be reported to the company's QSMSRS Sector.

SHIP MARINE considers that ecelency in the management of aspects related to Health, Safety and Environment is essential for the good performance of production, profitability and quality of life in the company.

Through effective management practices established in our Health, Safety and Environment Policy, the company seeks to ensure health and safety in the work environment for its employees, prevent pollution, promote awareness of environmental preservation, as well as any adverse impact that their activities may cause and contribute positively to the improvement of the quality of life of the local community.

To achieve these objectives, SHIP MARINE:

• Develops its activities on a solid basis of compliance with Brazilian policies and legislation, following the best available practices appropriate to the local situation;

• Seeks continuous improvement of environmental, health and safety performance.

• Uses natural resources in a sustainable and rational manner, considering and respecting local and regional biodiversity in its activities and projects, encouraging the practice of R's: reduction, reuse and recycling;

• It promotes a better understanding of the concepts established in its Health, Safety and Environment Policy, through the information, awareness and training of its employees and the community.

SHIP MARINE prioritizes the safety, health and well-being of all people involved in its activities.

Thus, seeking to create and maintain a healthy environment, preserve its facilities, equipment and activities, the company establishes through this policy, principles to be observed both on board its managed vessels and in its offices or workplaces on land.

The Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy applies to all its employees, subcontractors and outsourced companies that are carrying out activities in the company.

• The consumption, sale and possession of alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal medicines are strictly prohibited throughout the company environment.

• Anyone who violates this policy will be subject to disciplinary sanctions established by the company.

• The vessel's Commander shall exercise all his authority to ensure that this policy is fully complied with.

• Anyone who is under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or illegal drugs, or who exhibits changes in their normal behavior, should be prevented from entering the premises or on board any company vessel. If it occurs, this situation must be reported immediately to your superior and to the person in charge of the company's Human Resources Department.

SHIP MARINE, through its QSMSRS Management Policy, establishes its commitment to continuously seek its operational excellence to meet customer needs and satisfaction, through the provision of quality products and services.

The adoption of constant qualification and training of our employees in new technologies aims to meet and guarantee Quality in the provision of services, Occupational Safety and Health in the workplace, commitment and respect for the conservation and preservation of the environment and its legal requirements, in addition to to seek sustainable growth in our daily activities and practices with Social Responsibility.

SHIP MARINE values the commitment to act with ethics, competence, transparency and responsibility, becoming a constant partner of its customers, suppliers and society.

To comply with this policy, we have as objectives:

- Meet and ensure customer satisfaction;
- Search the zero accident and incident index;
- Meet budget and operational goals;
- Promote the training and qualification of professionals;
- Ensuring a safe working environment;
- Ensure continuous improvement in its processes and activities;
- Ensuring effectiveness in dealing with non-conformities;
- Avoid pollution of the environment;
- Meet current labor legislation, as well as regulatory and legal requirements;
- Ensure non-discrimination in the workplace.