Excellence in Navigation

You can count on our experience in the navigation to simplify your work.

Our Services

Within ports and shipyards, the maneuvering of ocean ships and platforms may be due to navigability conditions due to restricted waters.

In these situations, Ship Marine has equipment and trained personnel to guide you safely, using appropriate tugs to assist you in maneuvers, attractions and disengagement.

About Us

Based on the concept of excellence in the provision of services, SHIP MARINE started its activities in 2008 in the field of Port Support. With broad commercial vision, determination, safety and commitment to the environment, seeking to differentiate our services from this competitive market with the growing demand, personalizing from our initial contact until the completion of the service with a focus on customer satisfaction.

In order to expand and improve our service provision, we recently invested in the acquisition of new equipment and today we have a larger number of vessels, which provided us with greater quality in our logistics.

Our growth in the market, which has been rising and exceeding expectations every month, is the result of the competence and dynamism of its administrators, coupled with highly trained professionals in the conduct and operation of our equipment.

We emerged not to be one more, but to stand out by demonstrating quality and efficiency in our segment, being one of the best alternatives in this field.


Offer the best support service and maritime transport, with seriousness, transparency and commitment to deadlines, optimizing costs and offering the most appropriate solution to its customers.


To be a leader in its segment, recognized as a partner of its customers, with the best working conditions for its employees and based on socio-environmental responsibility.



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